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The Story So Far

Inaugural Gala Dinner


In 2018, our inaugural Gala Dinner was held raising more $50,000 for The Starlight Foundation. The generosity of all our supporters was something special!


A great night was enhanced by learning about all the wonderful things The Starlight Foundation does for those who have a child with a serious illness to help them cope and endure the most heartbreaking time whilst their child is treated by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

unnamed (5).jpg

The Larapinta Trek


In September of 2018, Steve undertook an ‘Adventure with Purpose' on behalf of the Starlight Children’s Foundation.


This challenge was a once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany Starlight and like-minded business leaders, on an incredible Australian Outback adventure. Over five days, Steve stood on ancient escarpments and took in the vision of the ochre-coloured landscapes of Central Australia trekking one of Australia’s most magnificent trails.


The peace and the stillness during the night was inspiring and camping in the wilderness under a canopy of stars are what dreams are made of. Fundamentally, that what we all should be doing is living our dreams.

Essentially, Steve was able to experience everything that Starlight promised:

  • Raised funds for the Starlight Healthier Futures Initiative, supporting the health and well-being of kids in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities.

  •  Discovered the beauty of Central Australia and explore the mountains, valleys, rivers and desert landscapes of the Red Centre 

  • As nightfall descends, camped under a blanket of stars, slept to the soothing sounds of the desert ǩ Ascend Mount Sonder, a 1380-meter peak all part of the trek through  Australia’s most magnificent trails.


Steve would recommend the experience to all Business leaders and will gladly share some of the magical moments with you.

Mike Sydney H-Marathon.jpg
MR Mackay HM.JPG

Sydney Half Marathon


It was a cold start, but things soon heated up as the kilometres added up. “This was one of the most scenic runs I have done in a long while, all through the rocks and Sydney harbour, how can one go wrong?”said Mike.

Mackay Marina Half Marathon


It’s great being in the country, very flat run, very competitive. "Loved it!" said Mike.

Supporting Rugby League

As a former pro rugby league international, Steve has sponsored, donated and still plays in exhibition games. Recently returning to the field after many years of retirement. 


And for the record - those tackles do hurt!

Boxing at Corporate Events


Steve has not only supported and sponsored some of Australia's greatest boxers, but he has also fought and won many boxing bouts himself and continues to push and test his physical and mental abilities through the sport.

Mike and Steve have had many sparring sessions. We can assume that Mike was a little sore the next day!

Steve Icepack - Smaller

Dubrovnik Half Marathon


The Dubrovnik Half Marathon is a race with a five-star endorsement by European Athletics.

The start and finish are on Stradun, Dubrovnik’s most famous and longest street, after which course continues outside the Old Town all the way to the Rijeka Dubrovačka.

The Croatian sun is not one to mess with, which Steve found out
first hand!

Mike Running 4.jpg

Gold Coast Marathon


The Gold Coast Marathon is a world-class international marathon which attracts around 28,000 participants of all ages and abilities from over 50 countries each year. 

Renowned for its beautiful views, surf beaches and stunning broadwater, it's the ideal location in winter with running conditions featuring low humidity, little wind and mild temperatures.

In these conditions, you can bet that Mike is aiming for his
personal best!

New York Marathon – Running for Starlight Children’s Foundation


November 2019


A once in a life time event. Nearly every country had a runner and were so proud to be running for Starlight.  The support we received was amazing. 42 km in the cold seemed ok when you have over million people cheering you on!  That is not counting the TV Audience!


Over $13,000 raised and we are so appreciative of all our Sponsors, friends and associates!


Helping Technology People in their
support of Starlight Foundation


November 2019


Very humbled to be invited by CEO Dom Dufaur to support Technology People raise funds for Starlight Foundation. Typical of a team that cares, we all took times on the bike. Well done to all the team at Technology People! Very proud to be associated with
your efforts. 


Supporting Breast Cancer Research


March 2020


Raised over $1000 for RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run


Mike Roddy and Steve Scanlan raising funds for all those who have Mothers who have been affected by Breast cancer. We were inspired by our good friend Jenny Royle, who took on this battle with an energy and courage that inspired so many of us who know her.


Proud of you Jenny and all the courage you show every day!


Running for Milla!


May 2020


Milla Fletcher was born with 22q11 Deletion Syndrome. Many would not have heard of this condition and the life altering challenges that come with it. So our challenge was to run 5k starting every 4 hours for 2 days. 60k in in 44 hours! We were joined by many of our friends on different legs of the journey showing the spirit and generosity by a community that was so inspiring for us and everyone connected to this beautiful little Girl!


Thank you Milla for challenging us and help us live an Adventures
with Purpose!

Supporting Friedrich Ataxia


Adventures with Purpose attended the annual Friedrich Ataxia Research Association (fara) gala dinner in Brisbane. We were extremely excited to be able to donate $5,000 to assist in funding a cure for Friedreich's Ataxia. This wouldn't be possible without all the support of our generous friends and colleagues who partner with us to enable us to create change. Thank you.


Brisbane Floods


Steve Scanlan, from Adventures with Purpose, donated a house rent free for year to a family who were left homeless by the floods. 


Speaking to the family on-air, Steve Scanlan offered the family a home to live in for up to a year.

"Helen, I have an absolutely beautiful three storey family home with a pool for the kids," he said. 

"I would be more than happy to donate that to you guys free of charge for up to a year or however long it takes you to get on
your feet."

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